A Treatise on the Macro Economics of Divinity, selected passages

Divinity is a unique power in the universe. Originally created by the Elder Gods, it is the force that in accumulation allows the rest of the divine pantheon to maintain their status. It is what elevates them above mere mortals, granting unto them immortality and power.

There is, however, not a limited pool from which all immortals draw. Indeed, the clever immortal is able to invest his divinity and gain a return on it even greater than the initial investment. The core of this process lies with the unique nature of mortality.

A mortal who wields divine power does not expend that power. Instead, the mortal channels the portion of divine energy alloted through himself, increasing the power in the process. A mortal who does this in the name of a divine being, returns the borrowed power and the newly created allotment to the being in whose name the mortal acted.

It is in this way that immortals are able to increase their own divinity, raising their status among their own kind. Not all immortals are created equal, however, and many immortals find themselves borrowing divine energy from those even greater than themselves, paying that energy back with interest as well.

Because of this divine system of lending, the Greater Gods have no reason to interfere with mortals in great numbers. They are able to maintain their status by investing their power into Lesser Gods, who in turn invest in Exarchs.

Of course, anytime there is a commodity being traded, their is the potential for theft. Some immortals kill their rivals and steal the divine energy from them. Others use confidence schemes and coercion to get their way. The number of ways that an immortal can use to obtain this precious energy is limited only by their imaginations.

So to is it possible for a mortal to gain a little bit of divine energy for himself. On occasion, usually when gods do battle, a god is slain, or an immortal fails to use care when stealing, divine energy is loosed from the grasp of immortals. Any mortal who stumbles upon it, usually unknowingly, has taken a step toward immortality.

If these mortals can gather enough divine energy, they too can join the ranks of the divine.

A Treatise on the Macro Economics of Divinity, selected passages

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